Adnext is an OTT advertising exchange focused on creating deep connections between brands and consumers. The company works directly with both publishers and media buying agencies to help them easily and transparently manage and sell OTT advertising inventory in a programmatic world. Adnext’s Exchange is powered by the Adnext Platform which allows advertisers to buy against engagement metrics which extend beyond just number of impressions, viewability, and demographics.


Adnext was created when the founders of Divan.TV, the industry leading OTT Distribution Platform focused on diasporas living worldwide, realized that OTT Providers around the world were all running into the same revenue generation problems as they were.  DivanTV had built a software platform for itself that increased subscriber retention, increased CMPs and fill rates, and reduced the ad operations workload.  They decided to spin out this software platform as a service to help smaller OTT Providers around the world compete against big companies with massive budgets and audiences and a large staff.  Adnext works with dozens of programmatic sales channels across OTT, but also in desktop and mobile, serving nearly 50 million video impressions  each month.

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