Supply-side & Demand-side Platforms

AdNext Video SSP developed specifically for programmatic OTT video advertising.
We provide advertisers an audience-first approach,
engaging users across all forms of OTT video.

AdNext offers a turn-key Real-Time Bidding solution for Advertisers and services on Smart TV App Stores.

Smart TV Services do not need to develop their own programmatic solutions for ad sales and user rewards. 
Advertisers will receive immediate access to worldwide audiences with local audience targeting capabilities.


AdNext receives a fee for each transaction on the Marketplace.

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We provide unique and interactive OTT video ad formats that drive higher engagements rates from audiences


50m+ impressions per month across 10+ publishers


Ability to sell against segments built from any 1st, 2nd or 3rd party data


For advertisers:

  • Direct video buys from a diverse array of well-known premium and niche channels

  • Video ads on OTT are 100% viewable and not skippable

  • Hard-to-reach expat audiences account for a larger share of OTT consumption than other groups

  • OTT viewers have some of the highest engagement rates, making it one of the most effective ways to reach your audience

  • AdNext’s inventory spans across devices including Roku, Apple TV, xBox and other gaming devices, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire, ensuring you the scale and capability to reach your desired audience

  • The AdNext DSP makes it easy to manage multiple ad exchange accounts through one interface

For services:

  • Regardless of your method of content delivery, OTT device or platform, AdNext can make integration smooth and seamless even with your pre-existing ad inventory

  • AdNext’s platform was built for OTT publishers and natively supports targeted server side ad stitching, is IAB VAST compliant, and works with over 15 OTT devices (Apple, Roku, Samsung, Sony, etc.)

  • Unlock new demand sources and monetize your inventory across a host of OTT devices programmatically

  • AdNext platform includes a DMP designed to manage consumer insights and targeting data in a natively OTT environment (i.e. cookieless)

  • Connect with premium advertisers that want your audience through stand alone or curated private marketplace deals

  • Work with our dedicated team of ad tech experts and let us streamline operations and maximize your revenue efforts

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