Why Publishers Choose AdNext?

Better Monetization Solutions: Adnext will allow you to maximize revenue by increasing competition for your OTT video ad inventory resulting in higher CPMs and fill rates.

Make More Money

Adnext allows you to access global RTB markets and our unique focus on trans-continental advertising means you’ll be able to sell to brand managers who are looking for your exact audience demographic and in your geolocations.

Fraud Management

Adnext layers scale with technology to enable smarter and faster ad decisioning to optimize the value of every impression.


Manage your inventory from one platform and take advantage of Adnext’s fraud filtering tools to gain more insight into your inventory.

Yield Optimization

Instantly connect with multiple demand partners to increase competition and improve CPMs and fill rates for your inventory.

Greater Control

Improve operations and take back control of how you sell your inventory, whether through open RTB, Private Marketplaces or Programmatic Direct.

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